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Looking for national park management consultants and land planners

We are an investor from Shanghai, looking for a master planner team, hopefully from the USA, to work with us on a national park in Jiangsu Zhenjiang City. We expect the planner is not only familiar with the planning and design, but also with the operation and business mode of this type of project. If you are not perfect for this type of work, please team up with someone else that you know qualified.
There is no program yet, we are waiting for the international consultants to provide us with their input and advices.
During design, we will work closely with the local government on the program and it might be time consuming, please include that in your proposal. Thank you.
These are the existing conditions of the national park in Zhengjiang.

This is Zhenjiang City.

Looking for planners and architects for a Tibetan Buddhist cultural base in China

Details of a Tibetan Buddhnist Cultural Base in Qinghai, China
Name of Project: The Holy Land of Thousand-Buddha
It consists of the following components:
The target of this palace will have gross floor area (all floor) of 1 million m2. This is the major component of the entire cultural base in this city.
The first phase of the Winter Palace will be 100 detached glass greenhouses for 100 living Buddha to stay in extremely cold winter in this province. Inside each greenhouse it will be gardens, in the gardens there will be timber houses for the living Buddha to pray and live. Each garden will be around 800 m2, and the timber houses will cover around 200 m2, altogether each green house will cover 1,000 m2.
In the future, there will be 900 such green houses to be built.

It consists of 4 buildings, with GFA(Total Floor Area) of 100,000 m2. Inside these buildings there will be tea houses, snack and food square, oxygen rooms, massage rooms.

In this Buddhist theme city there is a lake park. In winter when it’s icy there will be 30 separate icy altar houses of different design.

There will be 20 workshops, each around 300 m2, served as shops and showrooms: clothes, Tibetan joss sticks, music and video, Tibetan Buddhism Tangka Art, Nima stone sculpture, black pottery, yak products, musical instruments, plateau photos, furniture, carftwork, artistic pieces, and other Buddhist suppliers.

A 10,000m2 showroom for historical relics, charts, sculptures, and photos, 3 media rooms of 4D effects, 100 m2 each, playing movies of esoteric Buddhism, the Tibetan view of universe, and reincarnation.

It is a wellness focused SPA following the principles of the Sutra of Healing Master. There will be 80 meditation rooms of 10 m2 each, 4 training rooms of 60 m2 each, a 200 m2 restaurant, and a 600 m2 Tibetan medicine showroom.

It is a 20-hectare themed park with an icon of Manjushri. In this park there will be spaces and facilities for inspiring, answers.

It is also 20-hectare themed park with spaces/activities for romantic matching, training, healing and museum, etc.

This 13-hectare square is for the stories of various Buddha of Wealth.

This high-tech amusement park of 43-hectare will feature Buddhist culture.

The 6,000 m2 building includes activities of approaching-death experiments, intermediate views between death and reincarnation, the six great divisions in the wheel of karma, the imitation of reincarnation, distant view of celestial burial and the research center for reincarnation.

The area has hot spring underground. The SPA will be divided into 3 zones of different luxury levels. The luxury zone has 30 SPA rooms, the mid-level will have 100 rooms and a hot spring pool; the lower level zone will be just hot spring pools and showers in two divisions, one for 60 male guests and another for 60 female guests.

It consists of a 600-car parking, a rental ground of 100 SUV, a 33-hectare camping base, and service center, convenient store, maintenance workshop, gas station, car washing, and 2nd hand car trading.

It covers a land of 130 hectares, divided into habitats for different animals. There will be grasslands, bushes, forest, lake and river. Tourists will be protected by glass rooms.

A 3,000 m2 shopping mall sells various kinds of food products: yak milk products, herbal drinks, deserts, organic food, Tibetan herbal health-improvement products, etc.

3 helicopters will be purchased for luxury travel arrangements, scientific survey, and rescue.

Other facilities include restaurants, coffee shops, parking, bathrooms, clinic and service center, etc.


Modern Mysticlsm | New Tibetan

1. Design and planning must respect Tibetan traditions and religious taboos.
2. Remember the plateau climates, and the earthquake resistance requirements. The large temperature difference and short period of construction season are both vital.
3. Designers are expected to be experts of sustainability. The environment in the plateau is fragile and energy is precious.
4. Construction will be phase by phase, and zone by zone, and does not affect the parts that were already opened to the public.

The detailed master planning invitation is produced by the investor at the moment, and it will be shared with us soon.

This type of furniture (custom made furniture) would be very popular in China…

Custom made furniture is yet to become a trend in China. If you are an interior designer and would like to work in China, you may need to know the difference here: We cannot find them, we will have to buy from international market, or Hong Kong even though they are all made here.

Looking for master planners for a Tianjin buddhism resort in northern China

We strongly suggest you team up with a group of architects for this Tianjin new town project, because we will need a team of designers and architects who know residential high rise apartments, luxury resorts, high density urban complex, Chinese restrictions, etc. If your company is small, this is the best way to be successful in China. Your team would be able to compete with those large international design firms who have already established themselves here.
Note that you will be working closely with this Beijing architecture design firm, from the very beginning because they brought the job to us. They will be designing from the beginning as well, not wait until your work is completed.

Looking for a hotel interior design consultant for 4 months working in Shanghai

We are looking for a consultant or a consulting company for a large urban five star hotel in Shanghai. It’s part of an urban complex. The public area is 85,000 m2, guest room area 21,000 m2, BOH area 19,000 m2. The interior design firm is from Italy. We are the developer of this large urban complex, and we would like our consultant of hospitality interior designers to speak on behalf of us during design process and later on construction phase, review plans/documents produced by the Italian designer team, provide advice to us & the architect.
You will be working for us for at least 3 months during interior design. When we invite bidders of contractors we will need your services again and we would like to sign another consultancy agreement.
We are one of the major developers in Shanghai, looking forward to more chances working with you.

Designer & Designing Magazine Shanghai are looking for great Heath-improvement design works

Dear Mr/Ms:

It is Designer & Designing magazine Shanghai. We write to invite you for a publication plan. Now we are preparing for a new book that focus on those space that improve physical and mental health, including gym, yoga club, dance club, meditation center,SPA etc. If you have related projects during past 2 years, please kindly let us know and send us your works. For the projects we are going to publish, we will send you the layout for checking and then send you a hard copy after publication. This coming book will be publish next March, so we will need to receive your materials before January, 2015.
For the materials to be published, we may need high-res pictures, including plan, drawing (if you would like to share with readers), project description.
Hereby is the brief introduction of our magazine.
Designer & Designing is a Shanghai-based magazine and an architectural and interior design book publisher.Since 2006, besides magazine, we also published series of professional architectural and interior design books, and have achieved great reputation in the field of architects and designers. We have also built friendship with worldwide architects, designers, and firms, such as SOM, Gensler, HBA, Wilson,Jerde, OMA, GMP, KSP, Herzog & de Meuron Architekten, UNStudio, Sparch, Kengo Kuma, WATG,Woods Bagot,WOHA, AECOM,Rockwell Group,SRSS,MADA, MAD, etc.

A book published by Designer & Designing Shanghai
You may send us the materials via the following methods:
1. Email compressed images to
2. Send a CD to the address:
No.8,Lane300,Nandan Road(E),

Please feel free to suggest any opinions that would be convenient for you.

Kind regards,

Designer & Designing
Ruixue Suen
TEL: +86-021-54256149
No.8,Lane300,Nandan Road(E),

Short term interior design training program in San Francisco, looking for local partners

Chinese interior designers are far behind the Western interior designers in terms of furniture specification and design. We have a lot to learn from the interior designers/decorators who work in the more developed countries. So we are launching a program in San Francisco and New York for short term decorating training. The interior designers who will need to be trained in these cities are from China. We are looking for local senior interior designers, best interior design firms to partner with in California and New York Area.

When our Chinese interior designers go to these cities for 10-15 days, they will share a high end apartment in down town San Francisco and Manhattan.  They will work in their apartments on the projects brought to the USA, and we will arrange local senior interior designers/architects/decorators to help on their sides, so that they can learn in the works.

All the local senior interior designers will be paid by us on a daily basis. They daily fee varies depending on the experience of the local designers.

Each group of students consist of 4-20 interior designers. We will send them to the US every now and then.

It is a great opportunity to build relationship with the local interior design firms as they can introduce you to many Chinese clients in their cities. For those high end projects, the Chinese clients always look for international designers. And you will need a local design firm to produce all the construction documents. So they will need you, and you will need them, there is no conflict. It’s a very cost effective way of marketing in China. You do not need to invest anything because your consulting hours will be paid.

When the students are in town, we would like you to take them to the local design centers, well designed communities/hotels/restaurants and explain about what they see.

Amasia will provide translation.

If you want to find out more, please click Contact to send us a message.

Thank you.

Looking for an interior design director working in Shanghai

This client is actually a contractor for interior installation/fabrication projects, both residential and commercial. They have a large interior design section and would like a very experienced/talented  international interior designer to be responsible for most of the FFE specification works.

The Wutong Club which will possibly become your employer, is one of the branches of contractor.

Please use the contact form to reply to us, and most importantly, send your best works with the format of .pps or .pdf,  so that can forward to our clients.

Enjoy life!

Looking for a hospitality interior designer working in China Shenzhen

Amasia’s client BLVD International is a well known design firm in China, it’s especially successful for its interior design work. The owners used to live and work in Canada and studied design there. They were back to China years ago, and brought what they have learned in a western world to China. So you will be working for an international interior designer who are Chinese. It’s a great opportunity for you to explore China’s design market in this top ranking, a top ranking city.

You will be surprised by the new skyscrapers in Shenzhen if you have never been here. There are many chances for you to show your talent. Don’t worry about the salary, it’s very flexible. You can ask us to talk to the employer again after one or two months when you get to know your role better, and when the employer will eventually acknowledge your talent. Please use our email address to contact us, click Contact below for any questions.