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  1. Who are you?
  2. What qualification documents do I need to provide to a Chinese client?
  3. How to make a payment to Amasia?
  4. What do you mean Marketing Consultants exactly? What’s special about you?
  5. How to prepare invoices and pay requests for architectural works done in China?
  6. How many international design firms do you represent?
  7. How should I start if I want you to help us?
  8. What is Pay Request? Why do I need to send a pay request in addition to invoices?
  9. Can you represent us in China?

How to prepare invoices and pay requests for architectural works done in China?

Most Chinese clients only know about the formal paper invoices that only Chinese tax government issues, they do not know in the rest of the world, people only use electronic invoices. So international architects/designers need to be prepared to explain to them you can only give them electronic copy of invoices, which Chinese trading companies understand. The Chinese clients need the formal paper Chinese invoices to pay the bills, and they should go to the local tax government to pay the tax related to the design fee, and then get the invoices, so that they can pay the international architects/designers.

Always make sure your fee proposed is after tax. But your invoices should include local tax! For example, if your design fee is 1 million dollars after tax, then state in the contract/proposal that it’s after tax amount, and prepare the invoices like this: one invoice is 1 million dollars, and another attached invoice is $110,000 which is around 10% of the total amount of $1,110,000. Normally the amount of $110,000 is more than enough for the client to pay the local tax. They can keep the rest of it if it’s more than enough.

I know this sounds complicated, and maybe you have worked in China for years but never needed to do this. But trust me, it will worth it if you are well prepared for any complicated situations. China is a very different country in terms of economic systems, do not wait until you are asked to respond. Be prepared and think things through in advance.

Pls also note that you will need to prepare a Pay Request form attached to each invoice. Their purpose is different and this is also something unique and you may have never been requested to do this.

This Pay Request form is a letter to request the client to pay you, so it’s written like a letter and explain why you believe your part of work has been finished, how much it is, how much the client has already paid for the project in the past, etc. It’s different from the invoice because the client can sign and approve the pay requests but not the invoices. The invoices will be sent to the client after the pay requests are approved by them.

So if it’s a $100,000 bill to pay, you need to prepare four different documents for such a payment, YES FOUR, NOT ONE.
1. An invoice with the amount of $100,000; this amount will be paid to you.
2. A Pay Request form for such an amount of $100,000;
3. Another invoice for the tax due, which amount should be around $11,000; this amount will be paid by the client to the tax government, on behalf of you, the designer.
4. A Pay Request form for $11,000;

And the last word, please do not get upset when you are asked to prepare so many documents for a payment, sometimes more if the amount is large. The Chinese client is paying the local tax for you, because you are supposed to pay tax in China when you make money here.

When I say sometimes more documents to be needed if the design fee is a large amount, I mean the amount will need to be split into smaller amounts and each bill in different dates, so that the payments are easier to be approved by the government. Yes again, this is China. When you are in the jungle, pls observe the jungle rules.

You will be able to download our templates of invoices and pay requests if you are a member of this site. If you are invited by Amasia to design a project, then we will prepare all these documents for you as part of our services.

Qualification Documents needed for works in China

You will be asked to provide the following documents before signing a contract:
Incorporation Certification
Tax Payer Certification
Architect/Designer’s photo ID copy
Certification as a licensed architect
Business bank account info

How to make a payment to Amasia

Our Paypal account is
Thank you.

What do you mean Marketing Consultants exactly? What’s special about you?

1. We are China-based marketing consultants only;
2. We focus on architecture and furniture related market;
3. We provide marketing consutancy services to international architects and designers only, not local architects and designers;
4. We also provide consultancy services to Chinese developers.
5. We specialize in internet marketing and everything we do are based on internet. Amasia’s consultants never go out to make connections, we make all connections online, at the moment.

How many international design firms do you represent?

This number changes all the time. At the moment we represent around 30 but we really see no points of counting it. It’s very easy to increase this number, but it does not mean anything if we do not have enough job opportunities for the designers. What we do care is the number of high quality talented designers/architects that are happy to have Amasia represent them. Still, most of them are from California, New York, London, Florida, Canada, etc.

How much would you charge as your commission then?

The percentage varies from 2%~10%, depending on the amount of fee, it also depends on whether this client is a repeating client. We will send you a Representation Agreement for review if you are interested in working with Amasia, and we have approved your brochure.

Do you also provide translation services during design?

Yes that’s one of our major responsibilities. Most international design firms do not have an in house translator, nor mandarin speaking architects/designers. We are always involved in the design phase from the very beginning to the very end, to make sure the consistency of communication. However, we charge extra for our translation services. If you do not need our translation, we are totally happy with that. Our agent will tell you how much we would charge per month on the basis of workload assumption. You will then add this cost on top of your fee and prepare a proposal.

Can you help us to push the client to pay us?

Of course we can and we will push them anyway, because our income is from your payment. Not only that, our agents will review the payment schedule in your proposal and make sure it’s safe for you, thus us.

Can you tell me what other designers you represent

We will but not here, not at the beginning of our discussion. It’s our commercial secret and we will only disclose it to our close friends.

What type of clients do you work with?

Mostly developers who want to build high end projects, like 5 star resorts/hotels, golf course, golf communities, commercial centers, walking streets, model homes, SPA, clubhouse, etc.

How do you reach these clients?

Our clients reach us through our websites, like this one, and many other blogging sites, social networking sites, etc. We believe this is the most effective/efficient way of marketing. This way we do not need to fly all over China to talk to those potential clients, which would be really costly because there are so many clients want us to recommend designers/architects.

We do not need to retain you for your services, right?

It depends. If you want us to put you on top of our list and you are not very established in China, then you will need to pay us monthly because it will be a lot more time consuming to promote you here. If you are already established, and worked in our country for years, then we will be happy to promote you without you paying us in advance.

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