a large scale mix-use development in China

This development will consist of
total GFA: 1.5 million sm
which includes
residential (mid rise and high rise apartments): 950,000 sm;
walking street: 100,000 sm;
office building and hotel: 100,000 sm;
commercial (shopping mall, theater, etc):350,000 sm
Location: The City of Wuxi in Jiangsu Province (Shanghai Region) This page shows the meeting between the state-owned developer, SCHX, and the district governor of Wuxi’s Beitang District, where the development will be located.
Developer: HXSC, from Beijing;
Co-developer: An unknown Shanghai firm;
Because of the economy, most likely the developer will not hire expensive top level architects for this project. We will not focus on the ability and experience of the team working on mid-high rise apartments because Chinese architects are pretty good at that area already. After initial planning, a local Chinese architecture design firm will take over the residential part, and an international firm will take over the commercial part for detailed design. Your ability and experience for commercial projects, especially shopping malls, etc, are important.
Selection process will start after Chinese New Year, which will end by Feb.20.
The planner will form an international team, but the developer will pick the local firm to support the planning process.
There will be no competition for this development.
We are only proposing for planning at this stage, architecture design will be in separate contracts.
We need to build a team for this type of project. Some of our architects/planners are great for this job but the developer needs a strong team, so please start to think who to team up with. Please send us your brochure(s) and make sure it is translated appropriately if you think you should try. Sign up our newsletter using the Subscribe link above, so that you will get notified about the updates of the project. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

map of wuxi and shanghai
Wuxi City is between Nanjing and Shanghai, near Suzhou City.

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