Looking for a hospitality interior designer working in China Shenzhen

Amasia’s client BLVD International is a well known design firm in China, it’s especially successful for its interior design work. The owners used to live and work in Canada and studied design there. They were back to China years ago, and brought what they have learned in a western world to China. So you will be working for an international interior designer who are Chinese. It’s a great opportunity for you to explore China’s design market in this top ranking, a top ranking city.
You will be surprised by the new skyscrapers in Shenzhen if you have never been here. There are many chances for you to show your talent. Don’t worry about the salary, it’s very flexible. You can ask us to talk to the employer again after one or two months when you get to know your role better, and when the employer will eventually acknowledge your talent. Please use our email address to contact us, click Contact below for any questions.

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