Bilingual Web Design Services: English + Chinese (designers/architects)

Most design firms have already owned a website. If not, then we can design a website for you, in both English and Chinese.
Do not worry. You website will not look like this website which you are reading because our site and yours serve different purposes. We are consultants, the main contents of our website are instructions, while design firms’ websites show portfolio of your work. Our website is designed for people like you while your website is designed to impress potential clients. Your website needs to have taste, while our website needs to be instructive.
Yes we have designed websites for the designers we represent before and they all worked well. The reasons are:

  1. Designing a website for a designer team just showcasing projects, profiles, awards, etc is a most common type of task. It’s much easier to design than a social networking website for which you need to write most of the codes. You don’t need a professional web design company to design a web for a design firm. We can do this just as good.
  2. We don’t need to hire a translator to design a bilingual web. We are bilingual.
  3. We are not web designers, we are consultants who know what you do, and how to please Chinese clients. So our bilingual web design services are more practical.

What is the cost of designing a bilingual website?

Typically it is $1,000~`1,200.
Do you have any bilingual website that you designed before, to show to us?
Not convenient at this moment, sorry. In most cases we are only hired to design a Chinese website as they have an English website already.
If you are interested in our service, please use the comment form below to send your questions and requirements to us, and we will start from there. Thank you.

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