Designers/Architects: how to find a full time job in China

China has become a great place for designers and architects because there are so many developments going on everywhere. Many of those projects are high end. Unfortunately China has not trained enough high end designers for those projects in such a short period of time. So successful Chinese design firms are all thinking of hiring international designers with this kind of experience and talents.
If you are looking for a full time job in China, please answer these questions to be ready:
Have you translated your brochure into Chinese?

No | Yes

You need a bridge to enter the China market

Most Chinese clients who are developers or large corporations prefer to work with a design firm. But most Chinese design firms would like to hire freelancer designers/architects to be their consultants/part time designers. Of course if any Chinese companies are hiring people like you, most likely they are successful Chinese design firms.
If you are serious, we need your resume and portfolio in Chinese so that we can recommend you to our friends. Do you have a resume that’s translated into Chinese?
Well, if you have not translated your brochure, it will look not very professional if we send it to our clients many of whom do not read English. We do not want our clients think we are not professional.
Not all our local design firm clients have a translator in their office. Click here for more requirements of your brochure, and click here to learn about our translation service.
If you are not comfortable paying for the translation fee at this stage, please translate your resume into Chinese FOR FREE, and post your resume using the template we think appropriate and detailed, with all your best design works uploaded there just as what you do on Behance or ISSUU. You will read instructions how to do there.
Please do not send us your brochure and expect us to send it to our clients. We do not work that way anymore. We found it is not efficient. We are good at using internet to share information, so whenever we have a local client who call us to help to recruit international designer, we tell them to look for candidates in our websites. It saves both the client and us a lot of time/energy. We will be involved only when they find someone interesting and needs us to set up interview. Please understand we are not a typical head hunter, we are consultants and a bridge.
If you find any bugs in our website, please let us know by commenting on this instruction. And please come back to this page after you translate your brochure, we have more questions for you. Thank you.
Your brochure has been translated, Great! Do not send it to us yet. Please work on your resume first.
We can help you to create a resume that answers all important questions from potential clients. We are more experienced in these questions than most people. These are important and relevant questions but may very much likely be ignored by you because this is a different world, and you don’t know what a potential Chinese client cares the most. For example, in your country many decorators do not know how to use AutoCAD, but in China a decorator needs to use AutoCAD and even some rendering software too.
Do you have a resume that has been translated into our language so that our friends/clients can read?

Not really. | Yes, it’s translated.


If you have a Chinese version resume, great. We would suggest you to sign up one of our Chinese websites designed for freelancers like you, so that you can share it with all of our local designer friends. Whenever we receive a call from a friend who are recruiting international designers and consultants, we always give them that site to start with. It makes it easier for both sides because when you use our specially designed freelancer designer websites, we will ask you a series of questions, those are relevant and essential and our clients all would ask. So even though your existing resume does not provide answers to those questions, your converted resume will answer them for you. The converted Chinese resume will be in a friendly and professional format, attracting our Chinese clients.
No, do not send your resume to us, upload it to this website designed for you. We always refer our clients to visit this website to look for qualified freelancer designers whenever requested. Your resume will appear in our website as a more friendly, professional, and straightforward way. If we read your translated resume, in most cases we will still have a bunch of questions. It’s just not efficient. Please understand.
Click here to upload your Chinese resume.
After you post your resume in Chinese, come back here. We have more to speak to you. Thank you.

It’s a good idea to tell us how much you typically charge, say a house of certain size, and what your typical deliverable items would be, before any concrete project. When your future employee read your resume on our website which is composed exactly for readers like them, and also see your typical fee, it’s easy for them to make a decision, and you will immediately stand out for more opportunities. Yes we know it’s unusual but trust us, it works.
Please click Promotion Tools on the top menu to find more instructions.
If you see a job posted here on this website that is interesting and possibly a good match for you, just click the link on that post, it will lead you to the right direction to communicate with the job poster/client.
Have you done publishing your typical fee information? Okay, click here for next step.

Before you are hired by any Chinese design firm, we want to suggest you to consider working as a consultant of your future employee, it will significantly reduce the risk of either your Chinese employee or yourself. After working with them online on a few projects, you should be able to make a good decision. Also, you can work as consultants of multiple Chinese design firms at the same time, it’s fine. We will tell you how when we see your resume posted on site. Hope we will be able to work together soon.
When you post your resume in our website, the system will ask you the same question.

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