We build a bridge, helping Chinese students in our own private elite school to learn about America and practice English, we also help American Chinese language learners/students/designers to find what they want in China. Originally, we only specialize in finding jobs in China and bringing top architects/designers from America to our country, now we do more in the educational field.

Amasia is based in the City of Changsha, China. This is me, one of the three partners, founder of Amasia Group.

What do you mean Marketing Consultants exactly? What’s special about you?

1. We are China-based marketing consultants only;
2. We focus on architecture and furniture related market;
3. We provide marketing consutancy services to international architects and designers only, not local architects and designers;
4. We specialize in internet marketing and everything we do are based on internet. Amasia’s consultants never go out to make connections, we make all connections online.

How many international design firms do you represent?

We do not represent certain design firms, we just have some friends, favorite designers. Most of them are from California, New York, London, Florida, etc.

How much would you charge as your commission then?

The percentage varies from 5%~10%, depending on the amount of fee, it also depends on whether this client is a repeating client. We will send you a Representation Agreement for review if you are interested in working with Amasia, and we like your brochure.

Do you also provide translation services during design?

Yes that’s one of our major responsibilities. Most international design firms do not have an in house translator, nor mandarin speaking architects/designers. We are always involved in the design phase from the very beginning to the very end, to make sure the consistency of communication. However, if you have someone speaking Mandarin, then our commission will be cut less.

Can you help us to push the client to pay us?

Of course we will, because our income is from your payment. Not only that, our agents will review the payment schedule in your proposal and make sure it’s safe for you, thus us.

Can you tell me wh0 other designers you represent

Not at this stage.

We do not need to retain you for your services, right?

Right, unless you need us to do something for you to promote your company here.

How do you find clients in China?

Through this website, our Wechat accounts, and most importantly, our existing clients through the years.
Will you be like our marketing manager in China, or our translator, or a consultant?
We will be all of them. Our agent will find clients for you, recommend you to thousands of Chinese design firms who would like to work together with you, handle all the translation from negotiation, contract, design, presentation, meetings in China, site observation, local manufacturer tours, until the grand opening of the project. In addition to that, we will instruct you to improve your website, brochure so that potential Chinese clients will have better understanding to your experience and styles. And even more, our agent will review your concepts before you submit them to the client, because you do not know the Chinese codes, the government rules, the prices/costs…and we know what the client really wants before you figure it out.

Is it difficult to work in China?

Over 90% of international architecture/interior/landscape design firms had difficulties, felt frustrated when working with Chinese clients, including those who have worked in China for years. Listen to this: “An employee for an architectural firm that did work in China told the Los Angeles Times, “It was a very bad experience for us. They’d yell at us, scream at us, demand things and say you couldn’t leave the country…until you finish the job. They expected us to work 14-, 16-hour days. They had some of my designers in tears.”

Well, that’s in the past. Nowadays you do not hear this kind of sad stories anymore but we still have so much cultural differences…

So it’s all so miserable? No one had happy endings?

An employee of another firm had nothing but good things to say. “They treated us like celebrities,” he said.” From factsanddetails.com.

Well the horrible experience above was is just an extreme example, most of Chinese clients are nice to international designers. I can tell that those who had worse experience in China must be partially responsible for the consequence too. It’s always a result of conflicts between different ways of working together. In China the clients expect a lot from international designers that they paid a huge price for.

Amasia knows how to avoid those typical conflicts.

Do I have to hire you as our consultant?

No you don’t. But if you want us to maintain your Chinese website weekly, say 3 hours a week, there will be a fee for that.
We do not work for the Chinese clients, nor design firms, we are in the middle to look after both.

Who are the clients in China that are hiring international designers?

90% of them are developers who are building 5-star hotels, resorts, luxury gated communities, golf, shopping malls, skyscrapers, etc.

What are the main problems with the Chinese clients?
  • In China, it takes 3 months to build a house, while in the Western countries it takes over a year.
  • Here the code is different, but what makes it more difficult is that we have a very corrupt and powerful government.
  • In China most of people have been used to living in an environment that is lack of justice and fairness.
  • Most of Chinese architectural firms are large compared with the international design firms, they are planners, archhits and also engineers, they are both designers and “architects of records”, and the Chinese developers have no idea that most of the international design firms are smaller and only specialize in one category. This kind of differences need to be taken care of by professionals like Amasia Marketing Consultants. Amasia will instruct international designers and architects how to avoid the possible conflicts caused by wrong assumptions.
  • China is a nation lack of land yet has a huge population, and more importantly, all the land is owned by the government which means the local governments in different cities are the only seller of land when developers want to build a project. No doubt the corrupt and enormous government makes the land extremely expensive, so the developers all tried everything they can to raise the Floor Area Ratio, which makes sure they will have more floor area to sell per square meter/foot. But most of international architects are not used to design in a situation like this. And many mistakes/arguments are caused by this.
  • Since the Chinese clients are aware of all these problems based on their bad experience, they turn to us, and ask us to recommend international architects/designers because we will make their work much easier. They know we always recommend the most cost-effective and easy-to-work international designers to them. They can also tell how professional we are when they see how we translate in the meetings – we understand the architecture and construction related terminologies.
How do we pay you?
Amasia Membership

Through Paypal, you pay us when you are paid by the client, nothing upfront.

Marketing tools

We have designed a few marketing tools for you to publish your best works and news in Chinese, without paying a translation fee. You could promote your service on Linkedin but your message will not be translated, while using our tools your important messages will be translated by the system. And the potential Chinese clients can reach you directly without going through our friends or Amasia.

For example, there is a tool you can use to convert your resume into Mandarin automatically.

You need a bridge to enter the China market
We need a lot of talented architects and designers in China, but since you do not speak the language, trust our system.
What we do not do
  1. We do not design anything, none of our team is designer. Most of us are translators who learned the architectural terminologies.
  2. We do not buy anything on behalf of our clients, no equipments, no furniture.
  3. We do not hire international designers/architects ourselves, we only recommend them to our business partners in China, which could be manufacturers, design firms, installers, etc.
Explain more about your Chinese websites / connections

We work with a number of Chinese manufacturers like furniture makers, cabinetry makers, and design firms in different cities, closely, helping them to put together an international designer team for their high end clients. And we also provide fresh materials to their websites, which could be your best or recent work that is converted into Chinese using one of our tools. Click Free Tools on top of this page and find out more, or try it as it’s always free since that kind of convertion is created in a smart and professional way that no human translation is needed.

Why do you name yourself Amasia?

Amasia=America + Asia
Most of our business partners, architects/designers we work with are from America. This company started in California when Julian Luo was working there.
However, Amasia Marketing Consultants are now working with international architects and interior designers from all over the world, Europe and North America.

Amasia is a head hunter, recruiter.
Amasia Marketing Consultants

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