China jobs: typical interior design scope of work

Everytime you work in China as an interior designer, there will be local designer team supporting your work, in addition to our coordination and translation. So you will be working with the client, us, and the local designer team who produces most of the 3d models, renderings, and all construction documentation.
We, as your consultant and facilitator, will try to make the work easier for you, and for everyone in the team. Your scope of work will be similar to that when working in your own country.
I am writing this typical Scope of Work to help you understand what we think is the best solution to combine your experience and talent with our local team’s skills/advantages. It’s not a requirement, just a suggestion.
This article is mainly for international interior designers. It may not apply to your case if you are an architect/landscape architect.

Proposal and Contract

When we work together in China, our project manager will produce a contract on your behalf, which will act as the proposal you are used to work on, in both languages – Chinese and English. And such contract will be based on the client’s expectation, the design fee budget we assume that the client may have, and your working experience. This contract will be sent to you for review, and then the modified contract will be sent to the client as our proposal.

Your understanding to the project

We, as your facilitator, will also ask you to answer a numbers of questions, so that you understand clearly how to be prepared, how to present to the client, how to start your design, what the client’s expectation and potential buyer’s needs are, etc. Again, be ready to be astonished when you hear the way we work with international designers/architects.

Expected Scope of Works of an International Interior Designer

before signing a contract with a client
1. Your company will sign a representation agreement with Amasia, so that we are both protected;
2. You will need to answer a number of questions, to make sure you are clear about all the processes/differences/risks/rules/laws.
3. Make a decision if you are willing to travel to China before you are retained. The client may buy you the air tickets, if not, then you will need to buy tickets for yourself. Amasia will have a translator traveling with you and his/her expenses/air tickets will be paid by you or the client. We will provide enough information for you to make a decision if you want to invest in it.
4. Amasia will work with you to produce a qualified/impressive/convincing brochure of your works.
after signing the contract
Q&A1. Amasia will send you a list of questions regarding the project’s conditions, the client’s expectations, their possible questions during your next presentation, the future customers/home buyers’ expectations and needs, the local cultural backgrounds and resources, the schedule, the budget for everything related, etc. And you will need to write a very detailed narrative listing all our questions, and giving all your answers. This kind of complete clarification will significantly speed up the process, they not only make you clearer what to do next, they will also make the client clearer what’s feasible, to avoid they keep changing their minds later on.
2. Inspiring Image Boards
We encourage our designers using Pinterest to show your inspiring images for the project. It’s perfect for this purpose, saves your time to prepare a PPS/PPT/PDF format presentation.
3. Concepts(floor plans, land plans, structure, exterior design, sustainability application, etc.)
4. Schematic Design(3d model, computer generated rendering, decorative main materials, etc.)
5. Design Development(FF&E, CAD format plans, etc.)

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