Resort/hotel development consultants are needed

Amasia is organizing a group of international resort/hotel consultants to provide early stage consultance services of a resort. Most of Chinese planners and developers have never learned to use professional skills/procedures to lead the early stage process and they are in a mess. Right now the only option is hotel operators and hotel consultance companies but they are not always satisfactory. One of our clients suggested we organize a consultance group to provide services to them as an option. Our group will be mainly international experts, young and creative architects/designers, experienced managers/consultants.
Our advantages will be:
Cost competitive
Eco-friendly design oriented
If you are interested in joining us, please send your resume to us using the link to the right.

Information on Yunnan Longqigu Resort Project

General Information:
Covering an area of around 17KM2, this project is situated in Yunnan Province, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country well-known for its beautiful scenery, comfortable weather and ethnic culture diversities. The site is in Yiliang County of Kunming City, which is the capital of Yunnan Province and known as the Spring City for its pleasant mild climate all year around.
The project is only 25 minutes away from the Kunming airport, when the highway is finished in a couple of years. At the moment it’s not convenient in terms of traffic. See the red words for where Kun Ming city is.
Yiliang is to the east of Kunming City. Beiyang Street District, where the project is located, features subtropical monsoon climate that is mild all year round with no bitter cold winter and no extremely hot summer.
Annual average temperature:16.3 degrees centigrade
Annual average sunshine hours: 2177.3 hours
Annual average rainfall: 957.5 mm
Annual average relative humidity: 75%
The project is the valley below the orange words. This is the beautiful mountain area. The yellow curved line to the right is the express highway which is to be built soon. The orange line is the country road leading tourists to the resort. And the blue line is the creek linking a few reservoirs and contributing the beauty of the project. The valley containing the creek will be the core of the resort.
This is the creek and valley;
The site features beautiful and tranquil ecological landscape resources, artesian hot spring resources with a water temperature of 53 degrees centigrade, and a 600-year-old temple with hot springs.
Site photos showing the site’s landscape:
Panoramic view
Project Type
The phase I is 50 acres in terms of land coverage and is being planned.
This is a large mixed-use mountain resort that will include building types such as five-star hotel, spa, four-star service apartment, attached villas (associated with hotel and senior housing), detached villas and small clubhouses.
Senior village is a key sector of this project. The developer is thinking of developing the resort mainly for senior citizens who can still take care of themselves, from all over China, and their children who are wealthy enough to send their parents to retire in one of the best places in China for retirement. Another big sector of the target customers is executive level training, officials, etc.
The cultural theme of this project is the rustic and romantic charm of ancient Yunnan. So the architectural styles should go well with the environment. Following are some inspiring images showing the developer’s preferred style.
Pictures of modern Bai nationality residences that the client likes:
One of the preferred style of the villas/apartments.
The villas can also look like villages as this.
Inspiring images for mountain villas: They do not need to be contemporary. The client also favors the local traditional style.
Bvlgari style villas
Inspiring images for landscape design
Spa pools:
Reflecting pools:
Japanese-style stone landscape ornaments
Lighting design
Every home will have hot spring coming in.