Looking for planner for a large scale agritourism resort in Chengdu City

One of our clients is going to invest in a very large scale agritourism development in Western China’s Chengdu City. The resort will consist of thousands of acres of traditional paddy fields, and villages, farms, town, organic/non-GMO food production, etc. If you have worked in China as a resort planner, or have planned successful agritourism resort/ranches in the rest of world, or you are familiar with the paddy field culture in Asia, please join our team. We are forming an international planner team for this.
If you want to find out what we are going to develop, pls find some examples in Japan and China’s Taiwan and that will show you what we want to achieve. Do not ask me to provide detailed information. If we have everything on mind we wouldn’t need to find an international planner, we can just use a local design team to draw.
Note that although this resort will be very large, the majority of the land is paddy fields or other types of agricultural use land which are protected by the nation not to be developed as buildable. The planners will just need to put all the elements together by designing something that are not there yet, like charming bed and breakfast, recreation activities (zip line, for example)…The restaurants and delicious foods are already there.
Chengdu is where the giant padda breeding center is, the largest city in the west of China, also one of the most popular destinations.
Send your portfolio to my email address: julian[at]amasia.us if you think we can work together. Pls make sure the portfolio is related to agritourism, take away those projects that are not related before you send it to me. Thanks.

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