Chinese senior housing: families who are buying senior living condos

According to a report published by Professor Zhou YanMin and his students, from Architecture College of Qinghua University, the main purposes of the Chinese families who are considering buying professional senior living condos are:

  1. 59.8%: looking for professional care and help;
  2. 48.8%: relieving the burdens of the families/children;
  3. 42.2%: for a better life quality;
  4. 34.9%: for accompany/communication with other people;
  5. 11.9%: the senior citizens do not want to live with their children;

We see that only 11.9% of the senior citizens told the students that they do not want to live with their children, actually this number could be higher. At least in the countryside, this number is a lot higher because the education level is lower and there are more conflicts between the seniors and their daughters in law, sometimes between the senior couples with their own sons.

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