Why are the new generation of Chinese families saying senior living housing is to relieve their burdens

A lot of the families in China have to take care of more than two elders nowadays because of the One-Child policy, especially in the cities where the families can only have one child no matter the first one is a boy or girl. (In the countryside of China, if the first child is a girl then the couple can have another one without breaking the law.)
On another hand, more and more people have to work in a city which are not their homes, so their elder parents have to stay home alone which is not safe. The younger generation are constantly changing their employers and relocating their homes. It’s not convenient to take their parents with them because the insurance company cannot be changed to another province.
My father was born in 1948 and he was one of the baby boombers, so is my mother. They are less and less independent and the need for professional senior housing is greater. Yes in China we also had a baby boom, as a result of Mao’s stupidity.
However, the seniors living in the cities are more independent than those living in the countryside, they are more educated, financially safer and emotionally stronger, therefore most of the needs for senior development are from their families. My father has passed away last year, he would never ever live in a senior caring center because it’s a shame for most of the Chinese families to send the elders to a senior caring center, because that would mean their kids are not kind/caring to their parents. My mother lives with me and we do not have such need to separate from each other, but this is rare, because most daughters-in-law do not like to live with the parents of their husbands.
Hope this helps when you are involved in a senior living development in China in the future.

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