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The following message may help you to understand a little bit more about the development facts in China.
Chinese developer’s complaint, Huang Wenzai told media that it should be the government that needs control first
Huang WenzaiMr.Huang Wenzai is the developer of Star River (XingHeWan), one of the Chinese developers that focus on high end luxury projects. His response to the central government’s policies of controling soaring housing prices is that the government owns all the land, and they sell the land with very high price, higher and higher, which causes the housing price high. In one of China’s four first tier cities Guangzhou, the land prices tripled in just 3 years, so that housing prices also soared. The government has been trying more and more strict policies to control the housing prices, pulish the developers, for example, every family is limited to buy just one home nowadays, so some families buy new homes using their friends’ identity, which of course will cause troubles later on.

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