Looking for an urban design team for Shanghai Pudong Marina walking street

Message from the developer: The walking street plus its attached facilities including shopping mall, etc will be located in Shanghai’s Pudong Lingang New Town(I decided to translate it into Pudong Marina), which is a new city currently being developed in Shanghai’s Pudong District, where the Pudong International Airport is. This marina is called Dishui Lake, a man made lake completed just a few years ago.
In this large lake there are three islands – left over of the land when excavating the lake. The islands are mainly themed park, hotel, shopping mall, leisure, entertainment, etc. Our project will be shinning here.
Shanghai is expanding too large in recent years. The government decided to develop a few secondary cities functioning as the supporting hubs to the heart of Shanghai, which is in the west of Huangpu River.
Our company is a Shanghai native developer, who used to focus on residential developments. We welcome all international master planners/architects who are experienced in developing high density urban complex and walking street to contact us through Amasia.
Fireplace in China: Just in case you do not know. Chinese families do not use fireplace!
But the new high end houses are starting to use them, although not so beautiful. We actually make a lot of them, as I heard, and they are all for exports only. This does not mean you cannot specify or recommend fireplaces to your future Chinese clients though. We not only need them in most places of China because of the weather, but also love them – by those who have used fireplaces. It’s just yet to be introduced by more and more home builders here.

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