Revitalization Dongguan City: a heavily industrial area is looking for upgrading ideas

The City of Dongguan is between two of China’s major first-tire cities: Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. The latter is a neighbor of Hong Kong, the youngest modern city in the world.
Dongguan is one of the global manufacturing centers and the government is now looking for upgrading ideas because during the past 30 years the development was under no control, so to speak. It is now in a mess. Since the manufacturers are relocating to the inlands because of the lack of labors in the coastal area in China, this city needs to find a way to fresh up it’s image, and clean up the unwanted industries, bringing more environment friendly energy.
If you have this kind of experience (city revitalization), you should start to advertise yourself and we will let your voice heard by the local government. Please send us some articles/works you have done which are related to city upgrading/urban design/revitalization, we will translate them for you and publish them on your behalf.