Short term interior design training program in San Francisco, looking for local partners

Chinese interior designers are far behind the Western interior designers in terms of furniture specification and design. We have a lot to learn from the interior designers/decorators who work in the more developed countries. So we are launching a program in San Francisco and New York for short term decorating training. The interior designers who will need to be trained in these cities are from China. We are looking for local senior interior designers, best interior design firms to partner with in California and New York Area.
When our Chinese interior designers go to these cities for 10-15 days, they will share a high end apartment in down town San Francisco and Manhattan.  They will work in their apartments on the projects brought to the USA, and we will arrange local senior interior designers/architects/decorators to help on their sides, so that they can learn in the works.
All the local senior interior designers will be paid by us on a daily basis. They daily fee varies depending on the experience of the local designers.
Each group of students consist of 4-20 interior designers. We will send them to the US every now and then.
It is a great opportunity to build relationship with the local interior design firms as they can introduce you to many Chinese clients in their cities. For those high end projects, the Chinese clients always look for international designers. And you will need a local design firm to produce all the construction documents. So they will need you, and you will need them, there is no conflict. It’s a very cost effective way of marketing in China. You do not need to invest anything because your consulting hours will be paid.
When the students are in town, we would like you to take them to the local design centers, well designed communities/hotels/restaurants and explain about what they see.
Amasia will provide translation.
If you want to find out more, please click Contact to send us a message.
Thank you.

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