Designers:how to promote yourself in China

In many cases, we recommend our designers to a Chinese client, and after the Skype interview, both sides feel comfortable with each other, but the face-to-face meeting becomes a problem. It’s too expensive and time consuming for the designer to fly to China to meet with the client. So it’s a very good idea to try to meet with as many potential clients and business partners as possible, when you or your collegue will be in China soon.
So we created a form encouraging you to post the messages of such trip to China on our website, and we will spread it to the world so that our clients and business partners know. This is free, and our system can convert your messages into Chinese so that more people will get to know you here in China. Want to try it?
Step 1, register a username here.
Step 2, click Post New to let us know you are coming and we will help you to meet with some of our clients who are looking for international designers. Yes that is a Chinese website, it is supposed to be in Chinese, that’s why we do not want you to post it in this website which readers are English-speakers. It’s the same company who manages the two sites. We are a bridge and we do things differently.
Step 3, decide if you will need a translator with you, or you will want the client to arrange the translator.